Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christian Alphabet

A is for Adam - the first man God created - Genesis 1
B is for Baptism - 
C is for Christmas - A Celebration of the birth of Jesus
D is for David - A small man used by God for amazing things
E is for Eve - Created from man
F is for Forgiveness - 
G is for God - The Almighty One
H is for Heaven - Where God sits
I is for Isaiah - A great prophet
J is for Jesus - Given for our sins
K is for King of Kings - What Jesus is
L is for Love - God is love - 1 John 4:8
M is for Miracle - Jesus rising from the dead
N is for Noah - Another great servant of God
O is for Open - What our hearts must be to accept God
P is for Prayer - A powerful tool for all Christians
Q is for Quitting - Something we must never do!
R is for Repent - Another must to do thing to accept God
S is for Salvation - As believers we all have this
T is for Truth - Gods Word
U is for Unified - All Christians must be this in the fight against evil
V is for Victory - When Jesus takes the world back!
W is for Welcoming - Exactly what all churches should be
X is for eXodus - Moses lead this from Egypt (I know it starts with E!)
Y is for YHWH (Gods name)
Z is for Zion

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