Thursday, 20 January 2011

Breaking Societies Boxes!

Society puts us into “boxes” which apparently limits us, in our minds and minds of others, to what we can do say and our overall limits. My point I will try and explain today is that sometimes it restricts us in everyday life where it actually it should not happen.
For example.. Too old to work, to young to preach, old people are not in touch with today, youngsters know nothing, too fat to do anything, not good looking enough to represent us and many more!

As Christians today we must break this destructive view society has on everyone one of us! This should start within the church!! Repeat after me.. God made me and you in His image.. proof of this is in Scripture! ( Genesis 1:27 )

We ARE equal but with different abilities.

Do you think God will bless you more than someone else if you are good looking, rich, super fit, clever than someone who is poor, fat and ugly like me for example?? I am also guilty of this way of thinking as well a lot of the times. So I am preaching to myself on this! We all have an amazing blessing from God.
A “nugget” that we should share with everyone, even non-believers, and the good thing about this nugget is that the more you share it the bigger it gets within you!! (Pic of box will everyone within it)
This is how God sees us and how we should see everyone! Why don’t we work together? A phrase I heard through many management training sessions is T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More..

Just have a look at the people Jesus chose to have as his disciples! God collects a unique group of people together.. just look around here.. how much talent do we see we are blessed with and how much do we NOT know about ?? And why do we not know.. it is pure not willing to get to know someone and acknowledge the fact or just that person has not recognised it within them but you can see it?? Why can’t we change this issue…

God looks on the inside but man looks on the outside ( 1 Samuel 16:7 )

On our own we can achieve very little but with working with someone else the achievement possibility is a lot more and if we add God into that equation then the outcome can be beyond our imagination. You may have a way of communicating which a certain “box” of people will understand you but how do you deal with other boxes? This is where working together comes in! Let me give you a scenario.

If we are walking through town and someone asks us a question about God. You’re a very well educated and well spoken person and I well am not… you can give a very precise answer which is right and I can give a plain answer which is also right.. Yes the Holy Spirit will empower us when we require it but sometimes our “box” is not the same as someone else.
Another good reason to work together is that if you or I are alone and someone does not understand what we are telling them about God then they will more than likely become frustrated and be a lost soul.. Also it is the same as building a house.. you may be an excellent designer with all the technical knowledge but not be able to tell one end of a brick from another.

Now as for me I may be as thick as the planks I am using but I have the knowledge on how to put it all together physically so it is structurally sound. This nugget is not only about speaking differently.. we also think differently… So surrounding yourself with different people is a good thing.

Now what we have to ask ourselves is "Do we want to stay in societies box or do we want to step out and be in Gods box? If you haven't accepted Jesus yet then you are missing out on many wonderous things... Peace be with you.

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