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Why Hatred is So Destructive!

Why do we hate people? Is it really worth it and how does it really affect us.

Simple answer is because people are different to us and we dont always agree with what they say or do.

So why do we hate certain people? Backgound? Gang? A Piece of Dirt?

Let us look at it through Gods eyes to start with.
Does God hate anyone? No. Scripture tells us that "God is love" (1 John 4:8). He also backs this up with the fact that He ALLOWED his only son to DIE for us! (John 3:16) Probably one of the most famously known Scriptures.

No where in the Bible does it say "hate this person because of where they live, what they say, what they do or any other type of reason!" We should ALWAYS preach peace regardless as God is the one and only judge.

Look what Jesus gave as an aswer to a direct question to What must I do to gain eternal life, "Love thy neighbour as yourself", So would you really want someone to hate you?

God does love you EXACLTY the same as he loves the person next to you and "yuour worst enemy". He may not like what they do but he still loves the person.
So does that mean all the hate we have in us is silly? Of course as it does not do anything useful and can be very destructive to you and those around you without you realising!

God can forgive everyone for their sins so why can't we? Are we really being like Jesus with all this hate inside us? Not at all. So what must we do? We must accept that not everyone will do or say things we like but we know in our hearts that God will judge them on the day and it is up to them to justify it to God. I dont hold up much hope to them!

I know what hatred is like first hand and how it can eat away at you and really do some damage.

When I was 4 my dad was put into hospitaslised care due to a serious injury and my mum could not take care of him as he needed professional care 24/7. This was back in 1977

At the age of 10 this really started to hit me on exactly what it all meant to my life growing up wihtout my dad around every day. My mum found it very hard to cope and decided to move the family, withough dad, back to England. I know now it was NEVER an option to move dad as well due to his medical issues.

I reacted to this very badly as an 11-12 year old. I became very rebelious and evil. Looking back on it now, as a Christian, I am very ashamed of how I was. This was in 1986. A she was a mum with 2 kids alone in a country with no family to help her.

For the next 20 years I had so much hatred inside me towards my mother that I wished alot that she was dead, I said alot of things to her and others that were not at all nice.

It was not till I had a family of my own that i started to realise exactly how much all this hatred was eating me inside and making me into such a person that was not nice to be around.
When I became a Christian I really had to make a hard decision as Jesus tells us not to hate but to love and forgive.

It has taken 2-3 years for me to take the step to talk to my mum about everything I had inside me. Many tears were cried and alot of things came out in discussion which was hard to deal with but i know that facing and talking about the hatred has helped me to overcome it and now my mother and I have a good realtionship.

I am not saying everything is easy to over come but think about it this way!

If you hate someone because they belong to a different gang or what your "pad". Then really will hating them do any good?
The person you hate and the person next to you is EXACTLY like you as they have feelings, breathe and cry. There are people before you whao have hated and it has not done any good. It will happen in the future too.. but you CAN make a difference by realising that it is useless to hate.

Also if you hate someone if they want "your" block ask yourself why? That piece of dirt was there along time before you and will be there along time after you!

God showed me love and told me to show others love as well. I am not perfect but I have buried this huge amount of hatred and it feels so good.

If it was you and that person you hated alone and they needed your help to save their life.. would you? Really think about this!! ................... Now reverse the situation.. if you needed their help to save your life would you want them to help you??

Hate is a powerful tool used by Satan to turn people away from God and really will ruin your life. It can be stopepd by allowing God into your heart and listening to his words and feeling his love within you!

Lets look at Jesus a little here.. Those people who nailed him to the cross and then mocked him. Do you think he hated them? No... he forgave them!

I will leave you with the question i asked earlier...

If you and the person you hated the most were alone and you needed their help to save your life would you ask/want it ??

May the love of God fill your heart and overflow....

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