Monday, 7 February 2011

Why are weddings and baptisms declining?

In relation to the BBC article on changing wedding and baptism services to make them more “attractive”

Why do the church think immediately that is it the service to blame?

Why don’t we look further at the simple issue which is this: in this day and age less and less people actually care about marriage!

So how do we change this?

We cant change society by altering a few words here and there in our services! After all this is Gods word and a sacred service.. what really scares me about this article is that they are risking changing the marriage and baptism services and removing God and the importance of these!

As the laws of the land keep changing to suit non married couples and giving them the same rights as married couples they can see the whole process as “an expense” and not required.

I can see the article does make a valid point with the costing of weddings which may put people off. This is something the church does have to look at as a whole to also help those families who have the morals to get married and unable afford it for whatever reasons.

We are here to promote Gods word not to turn people away due to money. Jesus never turned away the poor so why should we?

Yes the churches have to cover the costs of performing the serves but are we really justifying a large profit for doing Gods work? Is it really true in Gods eyes?

What sort of radical ideas are they thinking of? Something like the sporting events with flashing lights and MC announcing the walk?
We have wacky weddings as it is so does the church really needs to go down this isle?

The other thing we have to look at is that if the church does change things in the wedding ceremony how will the church be viewed and will it be in a degraded sort of way?
We soften Gods word every day, is this step too far?

With baptisms again is it due to the way society is or the money side of things?
Why do churches baptise children at a very young age? Since they are unable to make up their own mind but I wont get into theological discussion today!

We also need to ask why is it that the people who do not go to church want to have their children baptised or even themselves?
Is it just “for show” or is there something there asking for out reaching?
Do we then look at performing the service for non Christians as a way of reaching to them and bringing the word of God into their lives.

There are so many questions to be asked on both of these matters

The report also touches on wether clergy should be able to re-marry and carry out these services and my answer to this is why should they be held back from serving God?
Later in the week Synod members will consider whether or not it is appropriate for clergy who have re-married after being divorced from serving as bishops.
It is accepted that parish priests may be ordained even though they are divorced, but opposition has emerged in some dioceses to bishops being given the same latitude, added our correspondent”
God loves them and knows them, like us, are not perfect. Why do we hold anyone up and expect them to be perfect? Does Scripture not tell us that everyone is equal in the eyes of God?  Who are we to judge these people?

I think the church as a whole needs to concentrate on getting rid of this “sinners are condemned” view that has been bantered about. Also that you have to be holy than holy to get in.. Welcome ANYONE into the church as Jesus did not turn anyone away!
How can we show love, grace and mercy that we have been given to others if we keep preaching “condemnation”  and have a stuffy feel to things.

I am by no means saying compromise the word of God but make the services interesting and lively.. mix hymns and modern Christian music.. Reach out to everyone as the youngsters of today may not like hymns..

Also make facilities there for families.. How many churches actually have a crèche?

I hope and pray that the people making these decisions actually stop, pray and really look at what changes need to be made…
Do they change Gods word or change the image we portray?

From the eyes of a simple man.....

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