Monday, 22 July 2013

Church - A Community Shelter?

Church - A Community Shelter?

On the back of everything that has happened over the last few weeks with the bomb blasts around mosques and possible bombs as well. I am writing this as a thought provoking movement for all churches to make a difference in their community!..

Let me first of all say that I do NOT condone this act of stupidity to what the people are doing to the community (not just Muslim community as it affects everyone!!) in the UK. God created us all EQUAL..  Christianity is a message of love and not hate!
I pray that those who are terrorising the people who are using the mosques and the community are caught and bought to justice before lives are lost..

Well back to what thoughts I have been having...

When these things happen in our community the lives of people are shaken and some are even removed from their homes, for a period of time, to try and ensure they are kept safe... but my question in this..

What are the churches in the area doing?? Yes your church!!

Do you have a system in place to cater for a call at a moments notice to open those church doors to the community to give them shelter, food, drink and comfort??

Do you have the ability to keep them there overnight if the situation requires it??

Do you have blankets, sheets, pillows food and provision in place?  Do you have a willing group of people to be able to call to help??

Is your church holding out the hand of Jesus to help those when they need it??

I hope and pray this is provoking movement within your church.. Peace and blessings

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