Monday, 9 September 2013

We are a vessel...(just for the taste of it)

Learning that God speaks to me in the weirdest of places.. Today was no different..

I was taking a shower and thinking of the empty Coke bottle my daughter had left on my bedside table to show me.. It had our pastors name on it and for the next few minutes I thought about humours ways I could use it to wind him up and then it hit me.. Sermon!!

We are really no different to the empty coke bottle.. A name and empty of anything.. well at one point we were!!
God knows us by name.. God can and will fill us with the living water. We sometimes on our walk tip some of it out by our actions and words. Sometimes we refill it.. prayer, fasting etc.. It also struck me that we see ourselves fuller than what we actually are..we do need to take stock of this.

So take a look and see if you can buy a bottle with your name on it.. Place it somewhere you can see it everyday and half fill it with water (of course God will fill you with the Living Water) and see if this helps you to remind you to keep walking on the path of God more and more..

Sometimes God will fill us with overflowing but we must ALWAYS keep in mind that all of this is because of God..

Those who are without God are still this empty Coke bottle.. It is your mission to help them realise they can be filled with the Living Water and never go thirsty unlike when you buy a drink and drink it all..

You can also use these as prayer tools.. Even if you cant find the Coke bottle with someone specifics name on it you can make your own name tag.. or even leave it blank.. If God is asking you to pray for someone but not saying who this may a good thing!!

Remember that God is above everything in this world and can do things that blow our minds away.. Keep open to Gods Word..

Peace and blessings

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