Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Missing Direction??

Are we missing some of the point of direction from God within our "church"?

Imagine a conference being held in a city you have never been to. The host of the conference invites 20 other delegates there as well and you are all told to meet outside the train station and wait for him to arrive as the city is large and has many streets.

After 10 minutes 1 or 2 who are more of a "controller" by personal nature start speaking about making their own way to the place.. A few of the group are "reflectors" and you of course have some others who will just tag along as its the easy way to go and do not like confrontation...

Well the controllers who are good with their talk convince a few others each to go with them.. Leading by what they think is right but referring to the details the guide has given them in a broad way...

The head off which ever way they see fit... whilst the reflectors who have listened to the guides simple instructions have waited... Only having to wait another 10 minutes for the guide to arrive. Who then apologises and explains the traffic was terrible and asks the small group that are there where the rest are.. One pipes up and says they got impatient and went their own way based on the information they had and took their own interpretation of it..

Are we are "denominational" states of church kind of doing the same things as those controllers who went with their own "best intentions" ??

Jesus said there will ONLY be One church.... One head, One body... are we in our "world wisdom" being like that group of delegates at the train station?? What can we do to risk being cut off from the Heavenly Realm that Go has planned for us??

Do we REALLY reach out and work WITH, not against, the other local churches to better serve the community and God rather than against by pointing out faults and doctrinal issues (our issues with their understanding and their with ours!)

God did not put us on this world to judge others.. He put us here to do His Work.. Praising Him as we go.. Preaching the Good News and building His Kingdom.. (notice its all Him and NOT us!!)...

Yes I am guilty of this as well and am not here to point fingers at anyone but to just try and put something at the front of our minds and allow us to look through Gods vision rather than ours.. After all we are only dust... After a time we will disappear.. He has always been and always will be!

So reach out to another church near you... Join in Gods name not your own...Work together as brothers and sisters of Christ are instructed to.. Build His Kingdom.. not bums on pews, do not take stock of your numbers increasing for you own good or pride.. but for Gods glory!!

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