Saturday, 4 January 2014

Christianity in Interviews, Covering Letters and CV's

This is something I have been finding tough since becoming a Christian and trying to write a true reflection of myself and skills in a CV and Covering Letter (CL).

I got turned down for several positions because my CV and CL were not as strong as other people who had applied for the same positions. This made me think a lot about what I was feeling about how I "sell myself on paper" but remain true to my belief in humbleness and true to God, as I thought! Trust me it rook a huge amount of pain and hurdles to get over what I thought and felt was so right.. but now I do see it clearer!

Well I did speak to a member of management who has got a lot of experience and would be able to be brutally honest with me on how I felt and my beliefs on all of this.

I do not think this person is a Christian but I got the clearest answer that I could ever want on this subject...

It was so simple!! So I really changed my outlook on this all and also slapped me in the face on my focus on this... I still can't believe it!

Write everything down that you have done, honestly and humbly and as long as I am true in all that I have written whilst not painting a picture that I am better than others or I am creating an ego monster I can be true to God and my beliefs and still stand a better chance of showing my real qualities...

God has blessed me with the "gifts" and given me the knowledge to achieve so if I am NOT showing them to their FULL extent am I really shining Gods Light as best as I can from me?
After all we keep going on about "Gods doing this, Gods doing that" so why do we have such a  problem saying "Gods blessed me with the ability to do this".. As long as its in humility and right for God!

If I was asked the question which you get in most interviews...
"Why should I choose you over the other applicants?" 
It's a question I have not yet to be asked as my CV and CL revamp which has only been over the last 2 months of writing this blog...

How would I answer it now? I feel the answer I'd give is something like this:
Well I can only tell you how much of a benefit I can be for your business with all the knowledge and experience I have gained during my working life. I can reassure you that I would aim to increase the business sustainability/profit etc.
Just be sure not to run anyone else down (just look at politics) but be true and show what you can do..

This is a difficult issue to really come to terms with and has to be an individual basis and with God.

After a twitter discussion with 2 of my fellow brothers in Christ I felt compelled to write this. I am not saying its a definitive answer but it has helped me!!

It may not get you the job/promotion but what is right.. To be honest and right for God or to go the worldy route and get the job by developing an ego issue and run others down?

All I can say is take your time.. be honest and pray/fast over it all..

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