Monday, 10 August 2015

Mission - A Quick Thought and Feelings

About the mission God has asked me to do and I accepted fully... I am feeling a huge number of emotions every minute of everyday... 7 days to go.... Excited by seeing somewhere new, doing something new, God asking me to do this, building the Kingdom in anyway I can, God having the trust in me that I will listen and do... and the trust I have in God for all this too... Yet when I look at the practicalities it does terrify me.. 2 weeks, 5 cities, walking around the cities/towns, (some by bus) laying hands and praying over them all that I can get too.. speaking to brothers and sisters in Christ trying to encourage, share Gospel and talk about how we all can build Kingdom in different types of outreach.... Seeing how Jesus is working in different places.. The people who follow and their stories.. Sleeping either in a tent or hostels (mostly in hostels thanks to a brother!!)... Keeps going around my head.. what if i miss something God is telling me to do, someone to speak to etc.... I have been told many times to not to worry about to do all in Faith and enjoy the time out in Sweden... and I am as best as I can.. I will also miss my wife Smoffi O'Leary​, TJ O'Leary​ and family ALOT... whilst I know this is a big thing for them as well.. They have been amazing and I am so humbled and blessed for their support in all of this. I have seen God move within the church (Tabernacle Baptist Church​) and the support and love from them all in this has been amazing.. I also do not want to let them down.. Wise words have been given to me by many.. I have looked at the map to show others where I am going to be and the distance, timescale and what I feel God is calling me to do is mind blowing... So for all those who are starting on the "Is this what God has asked me to do and worrying that its too big and overcome with fear on it all... I say this to you.... Trust and Faith in God.. He will guide you.. listen and follow with all your heart.. Feelings are normal,, accept them, speak to others about them and, once again.. TRUST IN GOD! Yet 1 thing keeps coming back to my mind (as It was there from the start)... If in all of this my purpose is to speak to just ONE person and their heart is changed to accept Jesus my work is done...

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