Sunday, 16 August 2015

Swedish Mission Itinerary - Mission Aug 2015

Mission To Sweden - Timetable Leaving Birmingham Int Airport: 17:25 - 18th August Arriving Arlanda Airport: 23:00 - 18th August Whilst in Sweden I shall be visiting churches, praying over them. Speaking to other Christians to share outreach ideas, encourage and to pray for them so they are aware they are not alone in the spreading of the Gospel!! I shall also be speaking to non-believers whom God puts in my path.. But overall sharing the love of Jesus in all I say and do, for one cause, to build Gods Kingdom! 19th August: 05:05 to 08:02 Train From Arlanda to Karlstad Staying in Karlstad for 5 days. 24th August: 10:09 to 15:19 Train from Karlstad to Helsingborg Staying in Helsingborg for 3 days Rest Day 27th August: 04:17 to 07:49 Train from Helsingborg to Jonkoping Staying in Jonkoping for 2 days 29th August: 07:20 to 10:39 Train from Jonkoping to Stockholm Staying in Stockholm 2 days 30th August: Train from Stockholm to Uppsala Dashing from sunday service in Stockholm to Uppsala at lunch time Staying in Uppsala for 2 days 1st Sept: Uppsala to Arlanda (late night on 31st or very early 1st travel to airport) Flight Home! Departing Arlanda: 09:35 Arriving Birmingham Int: 12:30 During the mission trip I shall be tweeting (@SheepOfJesus) and using the hashtag #wfgSWEmission if you wish to follow or contact me!!! Please pray that Gods Kingdom is grown even if it's by 1 heart.. That ALL is done with His grace, His vision and that I keep myself open to His Word at all times.. Please also pray for Smoffi and TJ too.. Peace and blessings and thank you so much for your support.. Mike

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