Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Worried About Missing The Stop?

Do you go through life thinking you are "missing the stop" you need to get off the bus on?? Do you think what life would have been like if you had of got off on the stop you thought was "right"?? Sometimes we are meant to miss our stop and, as we see it, waste time to get back to the place where we feel we should be. Let me give you an example on something that happened to me.. I was send by God to go Sweden for 2 weeks and find churches, pray over them, share outreach, gospel and encourage etc... there was this one church in Skane (a village north of Karlstad) I had to get a bus too as it was beyond walking from Karlstad!! I had my map and marked out the stops on it I had to look out for.. as I felt like I had alot of other churches to visit that day and all by bus!! but here I was the bus didnt stop at the stop... did i not push teh button?? did i miss the bus automated voice telling me that the next stop was? did I just think it was behind me when it was actually one of the stops ahead?? it took me 2 more stops to read the map and find out that i had actually missed it... I kicked myself and got off the bus a fair few miles away from where I wanted to be... I was not impressed.. felt like I had wasted Gods time in standing in the middle of an industrial estate waiting for a return bus... but it finally arrived.. I counted the stops.paid attention to the sign on the bus and my map... Finally there it was.. the stop I wanted.. right outside of the church.. how could I miss it.. never mind I was there... I took the pic of the front of the church.. prayed over it as God led me... But something happened... the pastor came out.. She greeted me and asked if i needed help.. I then explained everything was ok and I was just praying over the church as God has told me to... She seemed a little set back as its not the normal day to day answer you may get... She asked about how and why.. I replied and she asked if I wanted to come in and pray with her and the team as they are outreaching to the youth soon... So we prayed and so did I.. They asked abit more on why I am there and I explained Gods calling on my life to them for this mission.. I was blown away when they said that had I been there earlier then I would have missed them after I shared that I actually missed the bus stop!! I was invited to have lunch with them and we all great fellowship, share Gospel and encouraged each other in our calling... So we all were stunned to see how God worked that lunch time to bring us together for that short period of time.. but during that time, I feel, that fires were set alight in all of us for sharing the Gospel in our calling in this world... Do not be so haste when thinking "your" plans do not go to how you want them to... So I ask you this.... Next time a plan does not go how you think.. just ask yourself... Would I have been able to encounter these people and share the gospel?? Peace and blessing

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